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PHARMAKARE - Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Retail

PHARMAKARE - Comprehensive software customized for managing medical shops, wholesale pharmaceutical distribution etc. It includes complete inventory management to accounts, Pharmakare brings to you efficiency with much needed precision & accuracy.


 Sales /Billing MIS Report
  • Cash Bill/Credit Bills
  • Counter Sales
  • Cash Bill/Credit BillsFacility to Add purchases at the time of billing
  • Non-executed Prescriptions
  • Product Tracing
  • New Product Management
  • Margin Discrepancy check
  • Free stock management
  • Daily Payables
  • By Supplier
  • By Company
  • Delivery Chelan
  • Excess / Shortage of stock
  • Stock Valuation
  • Repayment Management
  • By Product
  • By Company
  • By Supplier
  • By Generic
  • Automatic updating of expired items
  • Return to supplier
  • Settlement of claims